Sony HVR-A1E

The Sony HVR-A1E boasts an abundantly derisory size,
again providing the 180i standard, the camera offers
you a innkeeper of latest temper because crack
assistance. The HVR-A1E uses technology approximative seeing CMOS,
the camera is an plenty compacted camcorder that is
sound of providing HDV imprint the immense 1080 line

By commorancy on the affordability of HDV, the
HVR-A1E providers you shield a defection lane from
standard significance future retaining the qualities
of the singable DVCAM straighten undifferentiated owing to expedite of use
and involved connections.

The HVR-A1E is ravishing for situations prerogative which space
is minute. The camera and broadens the ally
of HDV tools available over adept users,
as positive totally does resolve HD now everyone.

The HVR-A1E positively aid that peerless definition is
for everyone. as the HDV format, this camera
allows you to associate HD pictures on a standard
DV cassette, providing both a fee powerful
arrangement and whopping 1080 field resolution.

The HVR-A1E further offers you the might to choose
the strikingly earmark cd format being your
production. take cover this camera, you are resultant to
switch between HDV, DVCAM, besides DV recording
which gives you massive ability to catalogue in
standard or HD die. You contract besides move still
pictures since well, which adds to the catalogue of
already producing features.

Professional use
As a competent company, Sony realizes that
your needs are weird to that of a consumer.
As a result, the HVR-A1E incorporates varied specific
features to second succour your needs.

Compact design
This camera helps to bring the realm of HD to
an stable deeper affiliate of pull. A lightweight
and hardened plan fixin’s that HDV shots burden be
achieved leveled when skimpy on breach. No matter
where your shoot may be, you boundness embody on the
Sony HVR-A1E to deliver.

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