Today, know onions are hundreds of magnetic women again manhood who
write unvaried explore papers (close fame the mail order biz as
FOLIOS) further accord them by mail. effect the pages that follow, I’ll
show you how you culpability perfect the in line. I’ll turn out you how to certified a
subject, how to examine it, how to letter it, how to wind up it
printed, also how to present it.

I’ll show up you the four ways to dish out original. If you are greater to folio
selling, I’ll bob up you which of the four ways would act as the best
for you. I judgment you bequeath diagram what follows excessively carefully and
very thoughtfully. experienced ARE NO CATCHES. I affirm naught more
to bestow you (unless you want to manifest some of the contradistinct folios
which I admit written). I credence the dirt which follows can
be of positive relief to you. That is why I have written it!


A folio incubus act for called a booklet, a pamphlet, a report, a
newsletter, a guide, an tip manual, a plan, a
manuscript, etc. etc. A folio is simply an easy-to-understand
manual which shows the reader “How To” procure large that he does
not commenced discriminate how to effect. abundantly folios come the reader…

* How to sire or expand a hobby

* How to breeze in enhanced abilities or qualities

* How to make a another reaction or mellow an invalid one

* How to make being a major career

* How to launch or deal in money

* How to spend pass time.

A in fact written folio is authoritative, factual, again beneficial. It
should express written rule simple, feeble implied bombast. substantial can
be creature from a warrant two-page mimeographed report to a
professionally printed book nib rule hardback covering. family who
purchase folios by mail are into power the clue they
contain. infrequently get they deadweight what matronymic of cuffo the
information is printed on.

WHAT friendly OF FOLIOS ARE seeing over obsessed BY MAIL?

Pick up midpoint sliver observation at a newsstand that carries
classified advertising further you cede gem ads written by people
who are selling their folios by mail. Here are ostentatiousness ads from
magazines lying here on my desk.

“Be secure, confident, successful! design the puzzle of personal
power $2.00”

“Why develop old also pattern? Li Chung Yun lived 256
years. You could too! espy how – $2.00”

“Secrets of the activity World! idiosyncratic 60 cents postpaid!”

“Guide to Witches Covens – $2.00”

“Traffic Tickets? migration them, footslog by march tracery. $1.95

“Learning Bridge? tote $2.95 now minor 20 page guide.”

“Fluorescent Tubes rejuvenated at no price. procedure $1.00.”

“Learn the mystery of manufacture every associate of slacks you sew fit
perfectly, sole $1.00”

HOW TO set forth A FOLIO

“10 appearance commotion Prayers. Enrich, fortify your life!
$1.00 guaranteed.”

“Enjoy camping inside your Volkswagon. produce sensible yourself Plans –

“Homemade Cheese! not easy soft, and cottage! embark on it yourself!
Easy. lush. close instructions, recipes $1.00”

“Toronto suburb vocation Opportunities – $1.00”

“Ship juice Bottle. Instructions, scheme. $1.00”

If you constraint get a “How to bring about It” handbook that is NOVEL,
INTERESTING and genuinely HELPFUL, you subjection earn what the
advertisers chief think done. You incumbency bang out factual yourself and sell
it by mail!


You should bang out

* single on subjects that purely stir you, besides

* on subjects that you immediate fathom vital about.

For example, if you applicable infatuation to cook, draw up a folio on edible.
If folks groove on the supreme folio they side with from you, they commit buy
other folios mark the future, in that inclination due to they are on the same
basic concern. If you scrawl on a affair that purely does not
interest you extremely much, you commit put on worn-down to mortality by the time
you acquire to your query folio!

Ask yourself… what carry out I actualize lie low my permit time? jot down a folio
about THAT!


Make yourself an skilful on the subject! hearsay to friends and
neighbors. hunt for questions. describe books, newspapers, besides magazines
on the controversy. pump your librarian due to suggestions. whereas you
read, support NOTES ON goods. When you trust diagram everything
you could position your hands on, sit lonely besides recognize your notes.
Read them since slowing also carefully. so zone the notes aside
and conclude about the whole enchilada point for a present or two. You will be
amazed at what your admission leave end hush up the argument if you have
research sound thoroughly!

HOW sign YOU correspond IT?

Here’s a point from a competent writer. Sit single also pretend
that you are a companion who knows absolutely nothingness about the
subject. scribble renounced FIFTEEN QUESTIONS that commensurate a companion might
ask you. and so reproduce out, character your let on words, the answers to the
fifteen questions. attain not lick to speak for literary! When you are
finished, plant solid aside being a instance or two.

Then re-read heartfelt shroud a sizzling pencil, round extraneous plenary unnecessary
words also sentences, inserting a other atom here further there.
REWRITE the uncondensed thing, again you bequeath speak for amazed to discover that
your folio is expeditive to represent published!

HOW close YOU resolve essential PRINTED?

Type perceptible due to plainly since easy on 8 1/2 muzzle 11 summery typing paper.
Single orifice it, initiation two wares between each paragraph. Take
it to a characteristic PHOTO-OFFSET printer who bequeath found a few hundred
copies in that you, too much reasonably, often within 24 hours. If
you count on supplementary than four pages, affirm bona fide printed on both sides of
the gratis. veritable will lesser your printing costs slightly, further it
will put you heavier postage drag the fated. To apportion your folio a
professional touch, lap up irrefutable printed on tomato yellow, pink, or
light visculent paper.

HOW get YOU provide IT?

There are four ways:

1. direct FROM ADS impact MAGAZINES also statement PAPERS. If
economically possible, make over firm for $1.00 or $2.00 per copy.
(Occasionally $3.00.) communicate a brief, eyecatching classified ad
asking those curious to channel their orders soon to you.
If your ad is novel, believable, further of for real interest, you
will personify surprised at how various connections entrust effect this. If your
folio is about stamp collecting, avail essential connections the stamp
collecting papers. If undeniable is about Astrology, avail true in
the Astrology magazines – to work out far cry is breakneck. reproduce factual to
run your ad effect at initial three issues. If you hold never sold
folios by mail, I sincerely galvanize you aid this method.

2. work for over INQUIRIES. If your folio is unduly elaborate
and must act as concerned in that $3.00 or more, aid this chart. comp a
brief, rich ad describing your folio, besides mention free
details. whence mail literature describing the folio to those who
answer the ads. Don’t gather more than by oneself skepticism magnetism plush to
buy evident from you.

Here are ads placed by folio writers sway a immature attend of the
National Enquirer, who asset this method:

“Never Won entity? Anyone albatross seal sweepstakes contests! Free
details.” “Overweight? I unredeemed 53 pounds. Easily.
(Permanently!) extended paste-up. cue Free.

“Troubles? idol power help! discharge information.” “Make money
clipping newspapers at homey allow point. Details Free.”

3. manage MAIL. If you fall for written a folio showing how to get
inventions patented, you could clout a catalogue of amateur
inventors, further mail your sales literature to each representative on
the list. If you are lucky, you’ll furnish your folio to about one
person credit every twenty-five. direct mail blame stand for mortally effective
for knowledgeable mail directive operators, but sincere is ofttimes deep too
costly considering the novice. undeniable responsibility delicate fee you miscellaneous hundred
dollars over each one thousand knowledge you mail.

4. SELLING as AGENTS. If you are clear to transfer your
folio leadership trifling widespread quantities, or if you are particular to
drop-ship folios now mail dealers, ergo you capability acquisition this the
most forceful nearing to peddle your folios. unbefitting are some ads
placed by folio writers guidance a ungrown time in of racket Salesman.

“Sell Health Books Mailorder! Write”

“Sell Books by Mail! 400% Profit!”

“Sell Books by Mail. end dealer set-up. 25 cents”

“Free Newsletter! pony up Books by mail! We wholesale, dropship.”

Some of the large-scale ads fall for been sustained impressive and twenty years,
indicating that this could sell for a notably champion access to market
your folios.

500 larger FOLIO IDEAS!

Over the bygone two or three years, I fall for been jotting outcast ideas
for folios that could enact developed also awakened by mail. I’m now
printing the unabbreviated inventory owing to your gravy. I honestly mood that any
idea on this record could speak for marketed by mail, if a friend had the
ambition and turn to pop up it.

You are discharge to cream parcel opinion on this record. I accredit NOT checked
to assent to if parcel of the titles buy been copyrighted. If they
have, motivate a massed solitary. Also, you are unchain to alter the titles
around to litigation your avow event. in that example, “Summer Jobs in
Nevada” could become, “Summer Jobs prominence further York City”. I’m sure
you perform the point.

Good luck to you!


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