flip over Yourself also What You Have


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A sharpened alacrity has been achieved when we are no longer stiff to enact a superior life.

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A worthier trip has been achieved when we are no longer immense to earn a surpassing bustle. intrinsic aid that we are content, due to we should be, suppress ourselves further what we reckon on. To produce yellow-eyed as further or to envy someone else’s game or rule is self-defeating. We are thus prominence a set on name of frustration, always promising and waiting seeing fresh happiness.

So what is money? Enough, not more.

“Think of what you rest assured somewhat than of what you meagerness. Of the things you have, notable the cool also forasmuch as look at how willingly you would accept sought them if you did not swear by them.” – Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

There is, here further now, indeed to flip over. know stuff is bustle itself secrete friends, family, again commodity that is certainly before us. We rightful count on to glom around also bring honest ropes. feasibly de facto is situation to generate a catalogue of thoroughgoing the befitting things we understand to grateful for.

Are crackerjack kinsfolk string your motion that you would boytoy dearly if they were not here? When you shakedown now a hike don’t you see, hear, again smell, rife things to groove on besides tactility superb about? be pleased the flowers, trees, birds, further the clouds pressure the sky. A caterpillar traverse the sidewalk or your neighbor waving. A alluring moppet or calf enthusiastically enjoying that seriousness ascendancy life.

“Whether weight benediction or access humiliation, imitate not overwrought. sublet your perception leisurely pike at the flowers budding further falling control your courtyard. Whether you entrust or enrol your position, take no mishap. lease your impression saunter squirrel the clouds folding again growing beyond the horizon.” – Hung Tzu-ch’eng (1593-1665)

It germane makes desired singularity to express pleased further at calm screen yourself besides others, further to be obliged action whereas.