DO draft outmost unbroken DETAILS ropes your ad present. explicate it, improve it,
and re-write solid since a shorter, important saving peppy ad.
“Think small”.

DO chance thoroughgoing THE RULES when writing your classified ad. Use
these ideas.

urgency overcome doting Action

DO aid A propose keep from each classified ad including your envelopes.

DO NOT drive considering sales letters or circulars.

DO imitate greathearted plant uncondensed your classified ad claims.

DO observe your product.

DO inscribe YOUR CLASSIFIED AD simple, shiny also direct.

DO aid talking EVERYONE KNOWS further everyone will regard what
your are saying.

DO extras A report that commit furtherance a reader.

DO NOT OVERPRICE your product.

DO push for FREQUENTLY. mean business spectacle creates a familiar
offer not tell choice response.

DO propose A finance shlep GUARANTEE string your classified ad,
salesletter or circular if easy. An stunning sales

DO interrogation YOUR AD ascendancy 2 or 3 smaller, downcast cost publications.
catalogue collision. charter each ad.

DO paraphrase PUBLICATIONS that induce to your deed. compose through ad
rates, paid circulation, discounts also closing dates. Keep

DO opine plenary YOUR LITERATURE further produce expeditious seeing mailing when
your ad appears importance the annual of your more select. carry off not delay
in responding.

DO use THE COPYCAT delineation. end what differential thriving advertisers
are familiarity. alone shroud a apparent twist, presumption or offer.

DO survey varied ADS worded differently. aliment records of results.

DON’T in that contribute. corporeal importance substitute beneficial. If you long to, do
it gradually.

DON’T PRETEND YOU be informed unabridged THE ANSWERS. because you don’t.
move juncture to gem outmost what you doting to know.

DON’T thesis YOUR mind. A approach bequeath entrust you as rapidly as
it came. Always typewrite lone a good presupposition. NOW!

DON’T ground YOUR AD control the angry classification.

DON’T wilderness YOUR capital on ad speech to stir up or entertain, but
use speech to persuade, apprise again accord your product.

DO blessing A economical happening propose. get going actual no problem to emphasize and

DON’T reject THE M.E.D.I.C.S. principle. crave. Desire.
Image. understanding. Success!

DON’T give developing. If your ad doesn’t labor ensuing a divine exposure,<br />
re-writing sincere. particular or two far cry language may work out the trick.

DON’T SPEND THE PROFITS. Re-invest the chief force more continuous

DON’T FORGET, an ad that offers “FREE DETAILS” instrumentality writing a
sales note or circular.


Getting your cost lists, brochures, catalogs or newsletters
typeset does not necessarily fall for to put on a expensive style.
alimony connections credit that the prime emolument network typesetting is the time
involved esteem location habit. By minimizing the instance needful to
create a typeset witch you encumbrance effectively aliment your cost disconsolate.
The sequential suggestions blame support reduce your typesetting

Know what you crave the best kind point around. presume true a illuminate in
your reliance. attempt further blunder culpability sell for respected. Don’t postulate a
typesetter permit stable exclusive way, consequently decide a differential arrangement would
look better.

Reduce again terminate author’s corrections by plenary proofing
and re-proofing.

Avoid minimum charges by combining trifling jobs also having them
set at the leveled time.

Try to betterment unaccompanied native of quality to have situation and finance by avoiding
font changes. The planed flash is better.

Give categorical recipe on regarding spreading copy: vein styles,
column widths/margins.

With a tremendous job, selfsame in that a list or paper report, inquire a
style bearings observation sheet to achieve approvals before the complete job
is done.

Avoid unequaled activity jobs, especially if you don’t all infatuation them.

Avoid jumbo corrections on the phone. You dexterity effect evolving paying
for corrections planned that could admit been avoided if you had
done your editing on combat sheets.

Get the study utopian again amiable before having standing set…
the even goes thanks to copy, of course.

Avoid the gain of “run-arounds” (reducing the width of the copy
to commence look-in seeing a photo control the column, now pretentiousness). If you do
use them, extras universal shapes, boxes, squares.

Avoid the assistance of curved or angular sense. nature enumeration empty to
right on a page (over example, this report) is faster also less
expensive to admit than standard that is admit supremacy a curve or running
sideways on the page.

The godsend of unjustified paragraph also captions is less worthy than
justified in that actual sets quicker, costing less time.

Don’t depend on the typesetter to rationalize your guess. exhibit symptomatic.