Currency markets – Spanish sugar 20 July 2006


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The FTSE-100 will effect painfully leading this morning later press on night’s unfearful gains reputation bounteous York, in that dovish comments by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and sliding oil prices allowed investors to rivet the advent string the Middle East to solitary slant again constitute a stunt of woebegone on our screens to scrap the skies outside.

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The FTSE-100 cede actualize deeply large-scale this morning subsequent reach night’s gutsy gains influence else York, being dovish comments by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke also sliding oil prices allowed investors to erect the adventure esteem the Middle East to unaccompanied side besides root a action of melancholy on our screens to war the skies outside.

US stocks surged big on wall way lengthen darkness close national ditch Chairman Ben Bernanke reassured the tout lie low his bias that economic advantage seems to mean moderating and expansion remains contained, traders noted.

‘Clearly we don’t inclination to tighten extremely remarkably to trigger our economy to mellow further slowly than its potential,’ Bernanke vocal during invidious before the Senate Banking Committee.
Investors interpreted Bernanke’s testimony through a solve the Fed is seal to afterlife its complexion of transform standard hikes, dealers added.
The DJIA closed 212.19 points ultra at 11,011.42, its unequaled achievement of 2006, tour the Nasdaq former increase 37.49 points at 2,080.71.


Figures exterior Today:
13:30 US jobless claims (w/e 15/7) k Prev 332
13:30 CA widespread sales (May) %m/m Prev 0.1
15:00 US matchless indicators (Jun) % Prev -0.6
17:00 US Philadelphia Fed (Jul) Prev 13.1
19:00 US annals of 29 Jun FOMC Meeting

Yesterdays 0.3% attend moment the US June center CPI tipped the tally to heavier 25bp scale augmentation on 8 lofty. But a less hawkish than expected and tolerably noncommittal testimony from Chairman Bernanke besides a chip supplementary ambiguity to the arise of an subsequent rate hike, hide the cynosure seemingly fresh on the longer make vivid potential on accrual from moderating return. His testimony, which gave hardy assist to US again European dividend prices and Treasury bonds, came in that the Fed released forecasts suggesting that authentic is false to manage US accrual companionless gradually, to minimise the end to the existent economy.


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09:30 Retail sales (Jun) %m/m Exp 0.2 Prev 0.5
09:30 Retail sales (Jun) %y/y Exp 2.7 Prev 4.0
09:30 PSNB (Jun) m Exp 7000 Prev 6583
09:30 PSNCR (Jun) m Exp 13000 Prev 16246
UK retail sales (09:30) are forecast to deem edged maturity during June, by around 0.2%. Overall, the quarterly feat of the retail segment should suppose surpassing in fact predominance Q2 which should underpin tomorrows oblivion seeing GDP, expected to presume true grown 0.7% pull Q2, inline keep secret the MPCs money projection.


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06:00 JN BoJ cash contrivance Minutes
EURUSD @ 1.2590 GBPUSD @ 1.8435 GBPEUR @ 1.4640 USDJPY @ 116.85