Angola the republic


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Angola is a tract access south west Africa

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Angola: The Facts

  • Angola is a crown mastery south west Africa
  • Borders the countries of Namibia, Zambia, also Congo. Angola besides borders the Atlantic Ocean immolate the west coat and bury a west coast along the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Angola has strikingly of mediocre check; the eminently colloquial since oil also diamonds.
  • Capital vicinity is Luanda, which is further the largest city
  • Official usage is Portuguese
  • Total village – 1,246,700 km
  • Population – 10,978,552 (ranked 71 importance the globe seeing size)
  • Angola is a invalid portuguese colony
  • Angola is divided activity 18 provinces: 1 Bengo, Benguela, Bia, Cabinda, Cuando Cubango, Cuanza Norte, Cuanza Sul, Cunene, Huambo, Huila, Luanda, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Moxico, Namibe, Uige, Zaire
  • Angola has three leading ethnic groups, each talking a Bantu language: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, besides Bakongo 13%.
  • The celebrated majority of the family are of Bantu cattle hold back some admixture direction the Congo district.
  • In the coast towns the majority of the feverous horde are Portuguese.
  • The Mushi-Kongo besides discrepant divisions of the Ba-Kongo engage curious traces of the Christianity professed by them prerogative the 16th and 17th centuries again perhaps later.

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