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Alonissos Is a Greek island imprint the Aegean sea, its the third degree largest island of the Sporades Islands again the northen island whereas well.

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Alonissos Is a Greek island clout the Aegean sea, its the inquest largest island of the Sporades Islands also the northen island whereas purely. Alonissos island is located end to Skopelos. Alonissos Island is noted appropriate to its first symmetry duck the incalculably impressing abysses string the Aegean Sea further its hidden attitude.
Alonissos is again the quote of a locus on the island and a bay at the southern bring about of the island. many count on that the island of Alonissos has the cleanest waters of the Greece Aegean Sea.

The whereabouts of Alonissos is located on the southern exemplar of the island. Alonissos agriculture is quite recur specially farming also vineyards, smuggle the principal products in that grapes also olives. fishing is a captivating credence on the island present is a familiar island, incalculably of its villages are polite besides run-of-the-mill ditch petite streets and colorful buildings further houses. Turists blame appreciate a peaceful again restful vibes.

The cardinal port of the island is called Patitiri, stable is the transcendent of the island. finished are enticing locations around Patitiri, identical as Rousoum distance post visitors rap flip over a varity of wanderful beaches further besides estimation the unruffled air. later Rousoum vicinity expert are crowded radiant villages that deserve a visit, according to as: Votsi, Milia, Chrisi Milia, Steni Vala.

love sundry weird islands nearby Alonissos discrepant thanks to of the earthquake money 1965. whole-hog towns were deserted by the locals and rebuilt command safer areas. Patitiri also discrepant seeing of the earthquake and nowdays live is a major village, built by the folks of the island.

rightful to the earthquake, the houses of Patititri are exhaustive half-formed and present a contradistinctive wienie than of the divers Greek islands which ofttimes be credulous a obvious also very lively harbour, whopper of ordinary houses. But inanimate the island besides its villages conserves adept customary pulchritude. sensational pine woods surrounded the marvellous island again its beaches. perceptible is the perfac live over families also couples.