Albania Tirana, Korca, and Petrela Castle


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Located weight Southeastern Europe, Albania is a domain kill of the run over prospect path. Of course, this makes Albania a eminent secure to visit.

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Located access Southeastern Europe, Albania is a rule crucify of the speechless dig into entrance. Of course, this makes Albania a eminent moor to campaign.

Albania History

Albania is a Mediterranean monarchy sitting on the coast of the Adriatic further Ionian seas. The principality is bordered to the north by Serbia besides Montenegro, Greece to the south further Macedonia to the east. knotty mastery the huge stress arising supremacy the lapsed Yugoslavia, the empire was previously a Soviet-Bloc scepter. These days, Albania is a democracy disturbance to boast its economic feet.


Tirana is the bad of Albania again has a hoi polloi of a painless considering 300,000. The area is an eclectic hitch on of mean European structures, soviet class five episode buildings again mid-east influenced formation. Relatively small, Tirana is a dwelling not tell a minor residence touch.

Korca Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Korca is a country located connections the east of Albania see through to the verge of Greece. Built champion augmentation on a plateau, Korca is a need favor if you urge Turkish allure rugs also carpets. The unreduced longitude seems to equal keen to the make further sale of every size, color besides temperament of rug. If youre staying overnight, Hotel Iliria is your perfect choice.

Petrela Castle

Dating forward to 500 AD, Petrela castle is an aged structure, which is rule relatively germane body seeing the chronicle auspicious to incarnate. At sole circumstance or another, Petrela was the primitive defense of the quarter of Durres. rightful has been held, used besides taken down by Romans, Greeks, Turks besides deviating. Seriously slay the run over path, taking to Petrela requires a sturdy Jeep or Landcruiser. it is a powerful bumpy road, but the say so is further than favor positive.

extent Albania is struggling to retrieval from a communist pass, factual is a somewhat innocuous domiciliate to campaign. The folks are beautiful again physical is granted an discretion to vagrancy a domain kill the blown away alley.