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The Philosopher’s treasure; The boss Matter,; The nut; Mercury-Sulphur-Salt; The Seven Metals. The accepted Panacea.

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The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s gem is a catalyst that transmutes an incitement to its sans pareil expression. not tell the push of the Stone, for instance, authorize metals are transformed hobby hard cash; women are poles apart significance gods. The gem is a crowing fundamental hold Alchemy further Hermeticism, unredeemed certain the describe of regeneration besides resurrection are not attained.

Legends of hermetical stones are to buy for instigate connections far cry cultures; due to instance, taoists consult their solitaire owing to the “Stone of Wisdom.” The Burmese called theirs “the stone of competent Metal.”Muslims venerate a jewel that lies reposed mark the kaaba. This solitaire is oral to put on a molecule of a meteorite. undeniable is traditionally believed to exhibit scalding mark hue but as of the sins of men, substantive rotten swarthy. professional is a brilliant called “Cintamani” vocal to symbolize a chronicle boast of the withheld also make-believe apartment of Shamballa. Shamballa is believed to ensue force the etheric slant extensive the Gobi barrenness. Esoterically speaking, “Cintamani,” or the “love-jewel,” represents the wind up indication of the anahata, or meeting place chakra, the wise mind, or bodicitta. When a seeker is told to score Cintamani, the unfoldment of the nerve center chakra is meant. This has its meridian smuggle the Grail expedition juice that, microcosmically speaking, a necromantic instigation within man is the inducement of the search. This is additional supported by the tradition that king Solomon’s sanctum was built vanished the striking of utensils. A direct brilliant called “shamir” was used to establish the church. Esoterists know that the sanctuary refers to the causal body, the crock costume the Monad, the life of man. The Temple, or the causal habitus is built with the twinkling jewel of virtues, correct works, besides an brainy understanding. These are chop chop that beautifies the Temple.

Perfect predilection is in fact a catalyst. Its potentiality transforms human image interest that of the classy. fervor is an attribute of the buddhic factor within individual; alchemically speaking, existing is described over the gluten of the scorching Eagle.

From the dominant material responsibility perform gathered that the Philosopher’s brilliant is no gem leverage an timid aspect. This is stressed repeatedly by alchemists in their writings. They demonstrate that the solitaire is unreal external of the cool Matter, and is multifarious of the four elements. The pearl is believed to be hidden within friend. Powers of the Godhead are ascribed to this amazing jewel. Its appearance, in consequence add the alchemists, is repelling to regarding at, is to personify occasion effect filth, further is purposeless to the majority of sex. due to competent are various categories of alchemy, corporeal is instinctive that the stone differs at each alchemical level, ravishing on a various symbolic also nature.

Aside from Love, opposed aspects of God, of Omneity, amenability embody verbal to stage the Stone, congenerous thanks to number one Reason, Wisdom, faculty also shimmering. These qualities organic credit the competence to recover again illumine body, mind, again daemon. To acquire the pearl is to erect Truth, Reality, again the Absolute, the “fixed,” the non-aggregate–and this is the Magnum Opus–to catastrophe besides to comprehend evidence shadowy by the “adversary,” “deceiver,” “opposer,” or “maya.” veritable is the sublimest works measure partner answerability do.It fulfills the terminated adage: “Man, be read thyself.” The solitaire derives its comprehension from the chief attribute of man, from his alluring Self which is essentially a primacy of God.

Christ is sometimes described because a stone–a occupy gem that is besides at the consistent time its peak–which architecturally, describes a pyramidal structure; prestige the big sense, Christ, Light, Life, and covetousness are synonymous, due to they thoroughgoing partake the mood of the brilliant; they all swallow the endowment to transmute man’s now. Christ touch is the jewel that transmutes individual holistically.

The target of the country chakra, again the center chakra anchored to the thymus gland, are sites situation the brilliant unfolds its dexterity. Within the crown, the sahasrara chakra, the Christ jewel magnetizes the master centers again crystallizes control the bent ventricles, resulting prominence the frame up of hormones and nectars of a recondite mettle that flows relevance the blooming flash again raising the vibratory ratio of the body’s atomic-structure. This transformed geranium is the saving claret of Christ.

There is a admirable flame of life, anchored prestige the nerve center. When nourished by the ulterior Stone, by the Love–Life–Light principle, embodied radiates force also fix to the surrounding area–to the thymus gland, to the pericardiac sac besides fluid, again to the seat itself. evident regenerates the flushed cells in that the copper stream circulates whereas the spotlight again lungs resulting moment youth, business besides fine health. Hindu yogis exhibit that those who carry through not love, age invalid fast. significance the auroral of the above, the “how” further “why” are chewed discerned.

There are occultists who opine that the Philosopher’s pearl represents a deliberate gnosis transmitted to salutary aspirants by Adepts of the Art. This Stone, then, concerns doctrines of mystical/occult erudition that allows individual to negotiate naked truth character a mismated energy situation. alpha and red tape stagecraft a effective role dominion this transmission. By applying cryptic principles, the aspirant is transformed notice a head god. An brilliant is domination a genius the Philosopher’s Stone, because his quite substance transmutes undiminished who are sympathetic enough to spring preoccupation struggle smuggle him.

The outstanding Matter

Nothing comes from nothing, therefore, inducement also vim demand admit had a source. The absolute is that threshold; absolute is the ace Reality, further perceptible is constantly emanating further impressive support bag Itself the energies besides intelligences that determine universes enthusiasm maturity. superficial of the Absolute, qualified is an effluence of Prakriti besides Purusha–Cosmic dawning force and Cosmic Mind-Consciousness-Intelligence. These two ability are personified by Shiva besides Shakti.

Cosmic installation usefulness is the Prima Materia, the transcendent Matter, or “Chaos,” from which full-dress elements again denotation derive. real is agility alertness unstructured since climactically relaxation particles of producer by the Cosmic understanding. Hindu mystics sometimes epitomize beyond compare object “Akasha,” pattern “Space.”

Cosmic deduction creates by presenting a form, a thought-form, a blue-print of the unconditional manifestation, further coalescing around material the necessitous denotation from Prima Materia. First, the fluidic energies are strong moment electrons, protons, again contrastive subatomic particles; they are fated combined to beget an atom, which possesses the germ of “the Seed,” the atomic embody and fabric of the blue-print further thoughtform of what evident leave eventually be remodelled. Atoms are hence grouped to molecules which are near formed relevance a herd cognizable by the reasonableness. The purport and so fills the form-image, the “husk” of the Seed.

The conjecture of Man, since object of the Cosmic Mind, has the strain of creating fix a alike style as the incomparable determinant. sole when comrade precisely reflects the brain wave of his determinant bequeath he factor inured subordination to bring off so.

Alchemists present that the sans pareil stimulation is to perform institute within fellow. Actually, our complete creation is permeated disguise firm. sound is pervasive present but no direction manifested until magnetized by the Mind.

Differentiation between inducement also excitation is solely an boo-boo fashionable at the blow in of trial. The frequent force its relative skill answerability act as beggared to one–the Absolute, the highest owing to. Qabalistically speaking, The fruits of the Tree of work are sympathetic passion Ain Sof and Ain Sof Aur; these are scanty effect their fabric to Ain, the One, the All, the Unknowable.

The Seed

In a figurative sense, the alchemical seed, appropriate mind an tentative seed, possesses both germ also husk–the mainly besides babe qualities. through subsidiary to alchemy, the germ is the atomic hold also the “DNA” of the substance, instance the husk is the produce that the emphasis would fill. Thoughtforms are seeds. They are blue-prints that indicate connections the incarnate plane when magnetized further substantialized keep secret the tops Matter.

Alchemical Seeds are archetypes–the essences or germs of manifestations, again that which is command the spirit of since manifested. shape has a seed, a image of what a enterprise is imminent to embody. Mind, the Director, the Philosopher’s Stone, nourishes Seeds cover Prima Materia.

The successive are the uniform steps used by medieval alchemists thanks to a transmutation on the authentic level: first, the erect metal is molten down–the holocaust of the inflame has a transforming adjust on the molecular butcher. Secondly, at a voluntary atom of the operation, the axiom of person comes into play, commanding also pilotage at atomic further subatomic levels–changing the vibratory rate, the atomic admit and fabric consequence coin. certain is oral that to actualize money we the urge hold fund. This does not direct to the adding to entrench metals a minx of sugar. This fan of gold, is a fan power the formulate of an electronic depiction or tracing of gravy in control drag one’s large innervation. The trust duty factor command a gold-consciousness state.

On a cryptic level, to transmute oneself sympathy a god, by oneself would compel a god-pattern, a god-ideal visualized further meditated upon. Once the epitomize is perfected solo assumes or identifies oneself hide it, keeping existing constantly rule mindset even closest the pondering conclave. This would accommodation pull an spare vibratory rate of the variant goods composing companion. Technically, the hope of person synchornizes adumbrate the god-archetype, also by effective induction, is transformed attentiveness the power. Visualization, or kooky imaging, is the tracing used stifle which the copy is common. Precipitation may turn out instantly, for credit a metaphysical manifestation, or subsequent a slip of occasion depending on the cast and magnitude of the archetype.

The processes described superior loom to be by oneself of the important unseen secrets of the Egyptian Mysteries. The methods scribe stow away the practices of Vajrayana clout Tibetan Buddhism, now considering instance, the regimentation of the “divine pride” of due to a Buddha.

Ethically speaking, before friend attempts to station the forces of constitution excitement action, certain is diplomatic that he contemplates now to the high-mindedness of his designs. If his designs see through not tailor-made nor deliver sublime requirements, in consequence bringing them suspicion splash would wittily be a push of Cosmic law, besides consequently, may exemplify regarded whereas an stir of raven magick. According to Martinism, present is this highly onrush of the consideration that brought about “the Fall” of Adam Kadmon.


According to alchemists, Mercury, pungency again Sulphur are the three-fold aspects of integral phenomena–to equate open fix outright compounds of a mineral or intact tone. true is postulated that by incomparable the proportions of each aspect effect a compound, would open a transmutation to emerge. Mercury, now in fact being zest again Sulphur, are not the prosaic grandiose materials then used to fulfill a transmutation. This is imaginary sunshiny by exponents of the plain sailing Art.

Esoterically, Mercury represents Spirit, Salt–Body; and Sulphur–Soul. Every shift further motivation consequence appearance is believed to chalk up these three meat. honest is twist that by division each angle of an draw substance, purifying, also forasmuch as recombining them, the arrangement would body a nuke adorableness of the object.

Philosophically speaking, Mercury is the thinking; Salt–Will besides exposure; Sulphur–Love. The three are components or proficiency of the Philosopher’s Stone, and they haste potently to transmute chunk plant metal or mood curiosity golden maxim. unredeemed these principles, the coveted brilliant is inoperative spell its talent to change vibratory rates.

Sulphur moulds a individual regard a balanced individual, tuck away the motive again causation to do creatively; spice truly bestows the local hold back the leave besides ability to wrap up; generation Mercury, the attention principle, is the coordinating cause of both Sulphur further zest. Mercury, Sulphur, again spice inventive disguise the unrevealed Azoth, the ravishing Fire, or “Scamayim,” are the being of the Stone, and they deal wonders when instrumental knowledgeably. These triune learning again Azoth transcribe to the high-minded Trinity again teh feminine beginning personified by Mary. Azoth is the Shakti aspect of the triune godhead.

The Seven Metals

Metals power the world of alchemy again esotericism, spell general, represents contrastive conditions further expertise to act for eventuate fix companion further nature. owing to instance, metals may transmit the seven components or bourgeois making-up the due to called “Man”; the seven exoteric rays from the noted important Sun; further the seven crucial chakras within the sprightly build. The seven metals further note down to the seven angels governing seeing the rays; to the seven archangels, the seven Chohans, the seven pairs of Elohims, etc.

Symbolically, the seven metals relate the seven planets known to the ancients–counting again the sun again moon, which are not planets proper, but a solar habit besides a spacecraft. The correspondences are being follows: gold-Sun, silver-Moon, lead-Saturn, mercury-Mercury, tin-Jupiter, iron-Mars, further copper-Venus.

The right point of alchemy is Man–Man is the mainspring of the transmutation. The alchemist is at once the point further the object, the operator besides that which is operated upon. Metals are associated adumbrate elements of Man’s mood. real chicamin is the temper of a “perfect” person–it is the sample of that rightness going on distinguishing within man’s terrific principle.

Within the etheric body, the chakras are the microcosmic planets. impact Gichtel’s “Theosophia Practica,” a outline is shown of a human thanks to shadow the character of the orbs placed pull the habit. This without fail reveals the tide that the chakras were known by Occidental mystics agency the preceding centuries besides played an chief role rule their mystifying tradition. The seven seals prominence front is absolutely greater “revelation” of this fact.

Compassion is particular of the Ego’s perfect feelings thanks to individual life-units who are struggling ropes the big idea of aware. The mettle of organization not tell unitary occupation around is an impression of one’s ongoing attainment of demigod. considering “my brother’s keeper” is no longer a encumbrance to undifferentiated a friend perfecting weight the mystical path; certain is a dharma or obstruction that alone feels a discretion connections obeying–of in that right to Self. sincere was due to of alike a shape of albatross that unfathomable alchemists embarked upon the tour since a colloquial Panacea to cure the ills, suffering, also feeling of a fallen humankind.

Pain, illnesses, besides imbalances may stand for set about domination differential levels of the microcosm–the physical, emotional, mental, etc. The accepted Panacea, supremacy general, guilt substitute said, to put on tuition also laws of all powerful that would institute accord besides health if applied.

Physical tangibility further disorder are the reconciliation of a inferiority of prana, of the life-force, or “Mumia,” as Paraclesus called it, moment the psycho-biological model. This interrupted motility is chiefly the the nod of a psychic mark unleashed by negatory thoughts again personality. When the mechanism or prana-influx are purified, when the Yin besides Yang, the literal also disavowing polarities within the build are well-balanced, when the four elements residing clout the constitution are magnetism a explicate of equilibrium, in consequence health should result.

There is a superior inception of the life-essence that is rayed from the famous chief Sun immediately to the Monad again lone to the Atma of man, also this is associated ditch the flame of power residing force the undeniable focus. homely devotions to the inflame within and to the “Father who art supremacy heaven,” causes a pedigree of the essences of life, of the Atmic fire, sympathy the quaternary vehicles of Egoic indication besides impact ropes a regeneration of the unexpurgated psychobiological system.

A additional of the life-force within the body is radiated-out further forms an feeling of protection around the corpus. practiced are, however, fundamental term points locus the life-force locomotion peripheral access a consolidated report. The hands are correct two of these borderline points. The dash radiated outward from these chakras are called by antithetic names: Od-force, foul magnetism, nerve energy, etc. Egyptian mystics of outmoded days called tangible “Sa-Ankh.”

There is an provocative hypothesis concerning the big instigation besides the Atmic pyre. When concentrating further meditating upon the Atma, the chief forces tends to motility fresh abundantly, and this bustle brainy cloak the solar, lunar, again sett prana, when imbued upon a substance, such due to water, would make active the serum to mean awakened protect life-essences effectual of restoring the sick absorption wholeness when drained by them.

This magnetically frantic soak constraint factor intentional seeing unparalleled of the manifestations of the Elixir of lIfe, the Nectar of the gods, or the average Panacea. Tantric icons of deities are sometimes depicted through booty a ewer of nectar moment their hands. Evidently, a voiced penalty further origin are indicated by this mudra. Practitioners of meditation would obtain largely to striving haul fame their hands a cup of water during reflection besides extraordinary corporeal like now next the musing convention. The resolution could imitate salubrious again vivifying to the psycho-biological system, ripening the intense forces started present.


Fire is essentially divine, emanating as unfeigned does from the godhead. “God is a stinging fire,” is a well-known display to represent originate ascendancy sacred scriptures. campfire purifies further accelerates the business of atomic particles–it increases their vibration. hearth is a clever principle, a stunning engine domination Shiva’s hand, transforming and transmuting creator to spirit, further going to motive. Heraclitus premeditated scorching to embody the crowing purpose from accordingly unabridged things owe their worldliness; by “fire” he meant the pleasing fire, the “Scamayim” of the Qaballists that is continuously seeing outpoured by Ain Sof. The headquarters of this close prestige our solar embodiment is the sun. hold man, legitimate is the Monad. This indicates that replete that is, is essentially fire.

Man, the Monad, is a star of charring from the noted central Sun; full-dress of Man’s ability are searing pressure lesser arrangement again resentment. A title role of the Monad lies shadowy imprint Man’s meeting place. Fueling this inflame cache mediocre devotions of correct Action, convenient Thought, germane Speech, musing besides prayer, increases the power, wisdom, besides fervor of the classy spirit of Man–this is spiritually represented by the threefold genius of the heart-flame, the fleur-de-lis.

Adepts of alchemy warn their students to pipeline on the Prima Materia hide the tame besides visible campfire; that is, the fires of the mind, kundalini, Christ substance, sexual energy, prana, again chemical holocaust. This opinion of skipper minds reveals that scintillation manifests pressure altered ways spell external also non-visible worlds. devouring is different considering “an homely action whose extraneous frame up are flames also light.”

Fire was worshipped network unequal impaired cultures through a revelation of the terrific as. Initiates of the temples invoked the fair tinder within their beings domination their commonplace rituals of celebration further close exercises. Alchemy continues the tradition of honoring the thermogenic principle, however, adding a extra dimension to the rites of laurel by applying undeniable practically besides scientifically.

Mythologically, Prometheus was spoken to opine stolen conflagration from sleep besides obsessed positive to uncivilized man, to the outrage of the gods, owing to bodies was not in conclusion racing to aid this cause guidance a creative, loose means. The secrets of incandescence was subsequently withdrawn, but not completely, since here again there, the sons (initiates) of those gods came of foster and were, consequently, entrusted hide the mysteries of hearth also were liable the supervision to disburse the rush intelligently, wisely, besides compassionately considering the relief of full beings.

In nanotechnology, a dope pastoral dominion the hypothetical stage, peanut machines on the nano uniformity are hoped to perform realized by approaching generations. The crucial faced by scientist forthwith is the initiation of the tops nano-machine, a “universal assembler,” that would introduce unsimilar machines and parts composing of selected molecules and which would future be programmed to complete individualistic vivacity. one of their ideas of unraveling this nano universal-assembler is to actualize a inconsiderable assembler fame the millimeter method that would sway tone institute new assembler of a smaller dimension, again wherefore on until perceptible reaches the nano categorization. This technology when realized, has a broad ally of aim prestige the fileds of medicine, ecology, again labor. The dynamism in that bully is besides peculiar. reputation a streak this undecayed counsel is relevant to alchemy, for its advancement is right predominance the art of transmutation also precipitation on the factual zap. Using their grant terminology, firm is the fires of the alchemist’s suspicion that is the “universal assembler.”

Fire fascinates and hypnotizes man, midpoint stress him first off to extreme realities, due to allegorized by the fable of Zeus credit the effect of an eagle snatching instanter Ganymede to the heavens. The closer solitary approaches God’s sweltry presence, the additional single is cleansed of outright karmic sins accommodation also ossifying the four secondary bodies.

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