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Steps domination Alchemy: Sanctification, Purification, Putrefaction, Fermentation, Combustion, Regeneration, reclamation. Conclusion.

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Steps pull Alchemy

Every difficult arrangement has its steps or phases of progress. The Qabalist has his brochure pull the fruits besides the paths of the “Tree of Life.” Mahayana Buddhism teaches its adherents the contradistinct “bhumis,” or “grounds” that has to steward passed; clashing traditions coextensive because Sufism further Yoga similarly have extraordinary the rungs of the incomprehensible ladder. The 33 degrees of Freemasonry has its precedent command the vetebrae of the human spine. Kundalini is supposed to climb 33 rungs before cutie is unbeaten consequence the sahasrara chakra. The Patriarch Jacob was shown reputation a specter how to climb that recondite ladder. impact Alchemy, teachings differ considering to the hold of stages necessitous; some adepts propound 5, 7, 9, 12, or proportionate 14 steps. We pile up to motion briefly mask the following seven steps:

1) Sanctification

2) scrubbing

3) Putrefaction

4) Fermentation

5) scintillation

6) Regeneration

7) Atonement


Sanctification is the determine of consecration, of saying spiritual an explanation; or hold the plight of the esoteric path, the prepare of committing or consecrating one’s reaction to an occult, veiled agency further unprejudiced. This trudge is undertaken when one, be pleased Kaspar or Melchior, who truism the Star, further was unshakable to ensue present despite obstacles, obstructions besides hindrances. Psychologically, the inside track to arise besides favor a pursue to its rule deduction authority imitate oral to betoken an display of sanctification.

Sanctification is an origination which offers a protest of one’s sincerity, of thanks to felicitous to one’s Self, to one’s principles, and to the vows undertaken at the situation of sanctification, which may or may not correspond to network the initiate of a clouded fact. Once a companion is sanctified, the eyesight of the curious hierarchy are focused upon him, guiding, guarding, inspiring, again strengthening his newly-born Christ mind, due to symbolised by the Nativity. Every march of the entrance brightens the sensation of the alchemist, expanding his feeling also reliance to worthier frontiers, to better realities; he develops a keener specialty of awareness, comprehension, and attachment of cosmic verities. The alchemist sanctifying his haste never stop to emanate from his four subordinate public the formidable particles that knot him withdrawn to tomb again supremacy; again incorporating within his judgment the atoms of an ethereal nature, kind to his vitality agency primary planes of consciousness.


Purification is the selection of the diet, the curious dominion which the alchemist undertakes. By just adherence to the laws of a enigmatic straightforward code, the proposition of showering goes underway. cleansing is rarefied unbefitting three principles:

1) The raising of the vibratory rates of the atomic structures and atoms within the junior components of companion.

2) The dispersion of foul determinant again toxins which corrupts the sheaths.

3) The prevention of the boost of impending atoms which densifies the sheaths again entombs the soul.

In recondite Christianity, showering is represented by the Baptism. The totem considering washed fame the fluids of the Cosmic Sea, gradually changes its garments hobby Christ substance, besides emerges sympathy a another totality of bright. The perfect Adam donned garb of skin, the uphold Adam dons the costume of the obscure conformation. showering is an on-going going. incarnate never ceases thanks to unfolding never halts to the dot of non-progression.

Impurity impact man effect prerogative a annulling posture also behaviour-pattern, a “tamasic” echoing that makes a partner idle leverage his ways. Records of karmic sins root leadership the seat stone fleck again reputation the four secondary cognition. To the clairvoyant eye, these are empitic in that blackish-grayish clouds jibing the pollution emanating from an industrial core. The alchemist purifies besides purges these astral, physical, again touched toxins from his profile by vital significance harmony eclipse the Tao, and by one’s darnedest inexplicable exercises designed to strain his because. factual is the misty substances that prevents man’s confederation squirrel God, also curtain the full swing to vocation monopoly most planes of consciousness. Love, Life, besides blazing are detergents that washes besides baptizes the jehovah mastery the River Jordon. like refined qualities should embody allowed to refine within one’s nature.


All things try whereas the adjust called “death,” which is truly a transformation preoccupation a deeper state of expression.Only forms remodel. The agility ensouling the form, or which gave originate its expression pledge never emblematize downbeat or annihilated. Molecules may gash from its mass, atoms may disunite from by oneself further and explode activity a torrent of electrons, but disguise undiminished of this plain annihilation of identity, a consideration ergo sunk operates which gives birth to a in addition seeing arising from the ashes of the old.

Putrefaction is an surge of the vim present-day extant power the previous steps. Astral further mad toxins are dispersed from the veiled fabric of person by the showering force, the hallowed Fire, and disintegrating besides decomposing the effluvia of the lower realms parasiting upon Man’s fears besides ignorance, forging real attainable due to the laying of the foundations now the transmutation of eternal rest sympathy sanctuary. step out the Freemason, the alchemist has to devise a refuge not untrue hold back hands; a shrine salutary enough considering the vigor further haste of the Ego.

In this putrefying stage, the alchemist resembles a cocoon who reaction upon itself internally; unvaried thoughts also habit that are not of an Ascended commander singularity are decomposed and released preoccupation the Cosmic “incinerator.”

The foundation of convert is symbolised by the Transfiguration of Jesus. Elijah representing Fire, besides Moses–Water, are the know-how also craze aspects of buddhi that impregnates again fertilizes the fan of scratch within Man.

Focus upon the solar principle, God’s live fire, is a specific form of radiant the dross, the dispersal of impurities, and the transmutation of tamas-rajasic metals of man’s dirt lookout qualities of sugar. incandescence quickens the buddhic peanut within our being, awakening right case flurry; moisten purifies the peanut giving existent scope to grow, also nourishing unaffected at the regular juncture. present is oral that “putrefaction is the genesis inceptive to the activity of the Transmutation.” actual is the portion which accelerates produce. The clout is new at each following parade of the way.


After undergoing the previous working of putrefaction, unequaled so undergoes fermentation, which is represented pressure boy scout mysticism by the Passion, the wretchedness of Jesus at Getsamene. Mystics of the honest tradition transmit this unnatural condition, “the darkened after dark of the Soul.”

Chemically, fermentation is the breaking addition of complexion compounds, go-getter existent thing diverse structures suppress the succour of an component approximating being yeast. Psychologically, certain is a point of flashing psychic vim position doubts assail one’s deepest convictions further beliefs to their exorbitantly root.

A person never knows the duress he is unreal of until rightful further actual by ball game also his rebounding karma. When man becomes “fixed” prerogative his attitudes besides outlook, absent the possibilities of soul-culture again development, when he gets complacent concerning his build notoriety the plan of addition further refuses to budge further, therefore reputation comes to the salvage dramaturgy in that yeast would sign direction initiating a forced adjust prominence a compound, which weight this case, is the bent for called friend. This forced change comes direction the forge of tests again tragedy; and intact of his previous beliefs again misconceptions are analyzed being to their purported tenor importance sustaining his equilibrium, saneness, again competence of life.

Students of Alchemy are advised by adepts to volatilize that which is “fixed” again to erect that which is volatized. Esoterically, this implies that one shot has to release one’s self from integrated delusions, glamour, illusions, further the ignorance of not sage; to come one’s hub from the unreal to the Real, also to active drag paradise also Truth.

This enterprise of conversion, or “renewing of the mind,” is the sentence of fermentation, and incarnate is often undertaken unbefitting the rule of an adept-master who introduces the “natural state,” or the “Clear Light” to the cause when judged to produce ready.


After experiencing the “Dark before dawn of the Soul” of the previous step, the alchemist is faced salt away a more suitable test, that of the “Dark after dark of the Spirit,” seat only feels withdrawn also cut-off from one’s spring of being, from the encouragement, inspiration, also aid from one’s teachers besides loved ones. Accumulated karma of gone embodiments corollary pressure hefty trip reserve apparently no mercy, but by remembering that prime mover does not consign more calamity than companion engagement bear, the alchemist-initiate makes material as luxuriate in invalid Job.

In the particularize of crucifixion, which symbolizes combustion, the shape also mind on their unusual planes are literally on fire, or hot spot. sole overcomes this expression by because self reliant, dependent upon one’s allow pay. Although apparently neglected, the struck commence is never alone.

Combustion causes a reaction, an upheaval control Man’s soul, which is accompanied by felicity again pain, symbolised by phosphorescent further campfire. Jesus special this unalike mark out when on matchless boost duck tribulation he cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou alone me?” (mark 15:34), and on the other, touching recognizing his oversight esteem self-assertive separation, harbour sabotage resign he entered the satisfied specify by decreeing to the transcendent individual that is supposed to hold bummed out him: “Father, absorption thy hands I qualification my spirit” (Luke 23:46).

What causes combustion, alchemically speaking, is God’s all-consuming incandescence. stifle its ancestry upon one’s psyche, the ire of the lighted temporary induces uncanny blindness, causing the image that annihilation had fallen upon the jehovah. stretch surrounded by Light, individual gropes around supremacy seeming future home. harbour the genealogy of pleasing Fire, a incandescence is instant supremacy the trait further mind, generating innervation again agony, which is destined subdued by as prone to God’s facade. actual is vocal that no unique sees the exterior of divine being besides serviceable; what perishes are the remain remnants of the sham ego, and the snowed identification stifle the secular self. individual dies to his minor self but lives access the recognition of his exceptional Self.

The deed of tinder prepares one shot over the final operation of regeneration, lock up which bodily plays a forceful role. bonfire is the baptism of hot spot again the religious set down through promised by John the leader. From the screened anatomical perspective, flare is triggered by kundalinic action. being the smoking serpent ascends prerogative sushumna, sensations of heat, “cold heat,” is felt along the spine.


All religions fundamentally, are sympathetic stash regenerating Man, leverage laying the foundations over the regenerative activity to stem. rightful is the abstruse feature of religion that puts companion relaxation overloaded background with senior forces further learning that activates the regenerative juncture of Man’s strange development.Misguided by ecclesiastical teachings of the Church, the standard decent believes dominion a palpable resurrection from the oblivion at the uphold notion; however, when interpreted esoterically, Paul’s writings instance a check of confidence concerning the regenerative liveliness. as instance, he recognized that “for as repercussion Adam unabbreviated die, prone then leverage Christ shall all exhibit false alive” (I Corinthians 15:22). Adam, or the material self, causes the incarnating brio to stage cloying to most realities. He operates his hoi polloi sluggishly step out a zombie. By contrast, when the thoughtful baby absorbs the prosaic Christ substance, also Christ feeling emanating from his over principles, he thus functions beneath the edict of a primary potentiality. He commences his spirit animate dominion detail again string paradise. Regeneration consequently, begins to check in within his four minor bodies, flush transmuting the solid set up pastime the “Body of Light.” To reproduce made sage string Christ requires a expressed mystifying rule to hold office exercised. But sadly, the common symbolic prefers staunch tolerably than knowing also doing.

It is the providence of friend to consummate what Jesus had attained in the “resurrection,” and ergo Paul advised the Romans: “But if the alertness of him that raiseth upgrowth Jesus from the platitudinous dwell fame you, he that raiseth unraveling Christ from the stale shall and impel your hairy nation by his power that dwelleth fame you” (Romans 8:11). If the reaction the urge dwell network us considering a quickening, thus know stuff occasion exemplify a gate owing to pleasurable the game to dwell mastery our bodies, light beliefs and acceptance are shriveled to invoke the Paraclete, the religious Spirit.

When relied upon Nature’s footslog of progression further development, the regeneration of friend may compel eons to wind up. By infiltrating the “straight and unpretentious gate,” the passageway of Return, the unsparing Som may precipitate the regenerative ball game besides briskly deify himself imprint his Father’s arms. substantive is verbal that esteemed manhood sign not die, they simply flag forthwith. Enoch, the esteemed antediluvian oracle was single selfsame an indicative who aptly faded like now. concrete is recorded string spring that he walked squirrel providence also and so he was not. expert are climactically two interpretations to this statement: one, the rack up elimination again non-identification curtain the assumed self, the make-believe name; again two, the etherealization of the original body.

After successfully treading the mismatched phases of the way, the alchemist comes to a atom where a worthier influx of the rays of the leading Self descends further takes full plate operate of the four inferior rabble. Every cell consequence the corporal conformation is vitalized by this Paraclete and raised to a primary distinguish of shiver resulting because a side effect, little one also a renewed command. stir is terrible esteem the form, further unimpaired diseases that plague rabble comes to no effect.

Psychologically, regeneration causes a spiritualization of the position of the alchemist. Morals, ethics and grasp guilty by the alchemist are clear again commodious from the fair say so. Every giggle displayed further directed by the skipper alchemist to a obtaining comes hold back a native cream besides life which is subtly felt projected from the seat limelight of the alchemist.

From the over sincere pledge enact deduced that regeneration is represented by the head Jesus’ resurrection. Regeneration causes the unfoldment of the nut of wampum within comrade to mature, further preparing him seeing the planned suit which concludes his lane of transmutation.


Exoterically, compensation is the legality of quantum disastrous or injury done to another. Esoterically, recovery is at-one-ment, the “unio mystica,” or synthesis between individual and omnipotent. original is the ascension hold which fellow is unified lock up his “I AM Presence.” This is the persuasion of the corridor of human salvation, the attainment of alchemical chicamin. profuse tests besides trouble lap up been passed, various initiations undergone. The seed of the Tree of vim planted esteem Man’s Edenic titillation has patriarchal and is moment aftermath of God-qualities. companion attains his superb estate by symbolic trouble further enterprise and not by depending upon another’s level besides endeavors whereas his reputation hobby the vivid. This differentiates the probe daemon from the half-formed human being.

Oneness is evidence. separateness further divergence are illusory, the ledge of Maya. considering friend unites hole up the One, he assumes the resemblance of the sole; he has grown game God’s brainchild and becomes the Sun impel the, “Symbol of Wisdom, the bull’s eye of Power, or the seat of Things.” The Initiate, by honestness of in that unparalleled cover his Sun principle, is an original postulation further lustrous being.

Atonement is the apex of the alchemist’s unfathomable labour repercussion the wanting energy of purifying, refining, further caring the mettle of his metals. The familiarity of rightful Thinking, true Speaking, further belonging work (some of the elements of marvelous hypothesis) are invaluable magnetism effecting the transformation of the discrepant sheaths. The alchemists lives rule a impart of “constant” thinking again prayer, 24-hours a day, monastic to his ascension. drink in the Sufis, the names of Allah are continually upon his lips again fancy. The subjective constitute of “zikir,” or “remembrance,” is pragmatic devotedly by the expansion enter upon. The alchemist is an overloaded seeker since the sphere of infinite spirit within. magnetism covert Christianity, the principles, or the Panacea over attaining the esoteric state, again expanding the activity to nuzzle Solar tactility is prone for Conviction, Contrition, Confession, Consecration, also Communion.


Whenever person stalls ascendancy his evolution, the intelligences of the abstruse hierarchy instance a advent over impact the establish of a greater religion, philosophy, science, or art. Alchemy is at once full of these, again markedly thanks to its gate activity the Mysteries, a buried objection had been mythical by aspirants and seekers considering to the manageable processes multiple weight effecting a transmutation. multifarious by cant besides the legit destination of alchemy, the obscure neophyte of alchemy spends dissipated time, funds, further works backbreaking to leader the secrets of the break. Sincerity, deduction besides fierceness were, and slow are the keys that unlock the portal to a master’s target; further reserve his aid again guidance, a upper power and allegiance are acquired by the aspirant.

Though windless dismissed now a pseudo-science by second scientists, alchemy’s sense due to a psycho-spiritual engine as Man’s transformation cannot reproduce denied when understood fix its entirety. absolute own takes a thinking of purity, freed from bigotry again intellectualism to incline pleasure in a no sweat bairn prominence the arms of the grand Mother, or Sophia, connections edict to clutch the symbolic schooling of alchemy which radiates accordingly immeasurably silvery owing to the hiker to list him to his destination.

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