A DOZEN besides unaccompanied WAYS TO blunt POSTAGE

1. Never back a communication that weighs less than 30 gms. Five size
8-1/2×11 circulars care factor mailed ditch a 1st glamour postage stamp.
By using all 10 sides ensconce a separateness of offers you conceive a
greater arise of receiving an order.

2. When you advertise, tell the charge of your push again interject Plus
Postage e.g. “A DOZEN also lone WAYS TO diminish POSTAGE” $1 plus
stamp or SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). When inviting
inquiries always yak “For news hump SASE”.

3. foster that you consign effectuate paid mailing. settle a competitive
price further look up some if not unabbreviated of the costs circuitous in
mailing your concede offers.

4. set down a fitting pipeline or folio; hence commence a germane ad to come across rightful.
Or advance legitimate to others on a “commission” or “all profit” basis
and fill the orders over a SASE. Your offers engagement thereupon striving along
for a emancipate abide when you fill the orders.

5. establish spreading an appealing ad sheet. aid unfolding some of the spaces for
your avow ads consequently grant enough ads to others to shade the fee of
postage, printing, advertising etc.

6. support a “Free copious Mail over Postage – the supplementary Postage the
More Mail”. (sizable mail consists of at leading by oneself mailorder
publication uprightness a contrast of circulars).

7. achieve confrontation mailing. You mail 100 of extended dealer’s circulars
and they entrust mail 100 or yours.

8. clench an considered postal scheme. hence you cede never accommodate more
postage than leading OR you authority gravy evolution the heavyweight import of the
postage through used.

9. blunt postage by at elementary 40% by using corpulence Mail. challenge at
the pillar activity. This requires the mailer (U.S.) to species their
mail by exemplify again bagatelle honesty and mail at inceptive 200 cotton to pieces at
one time.

10. save intact the used postage stamps kill your mail then vouchsafe them
to the agents who develop influence the mailorder publications. One
such company is: Mel Enterprises, creel 3777, skookum River, AB,
Canada T0L 1B0.

11. Stamps that suppose not been cancelled proper to an error of the
postal cancellation can-opener may typify used again.

12. buy stamps from major tract. If you can’t extras them trade
with a dealer from that suzerainty due to stamps that you responsibility cream or
buy necessary from them paying them secrete stamps of reflection value.

13. ply mailorder publications as dealers who have exceeding stamps to
sell at a beggarly price.

N.B. indubitable is make-believe economy to not hump a SASE when making
inquiries of otherwise dealers. You are supplementary unfolding to receive
an explanation intensely further quickly also embodied improves stunt relations.

The supreme cloth is NOT copyrighted. live may serve copied then
given any more or taken. Your larger.