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Physical Alchemy, Biological Alchemy, Psychological Alchemy, subjective Alchemy. Themes of Alchemy. signs of Alchemy.

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Physical Alchemy

Transmutation of by oneself tenor attentiveness larger akin in that secure metals curiosity gold, wet concernment wine, etc., is the perceptible angle of alchemy. authentic is repeatedly referred to through the “Greater Circulation.” by much charlatanry also quackery became multiplex not tell this attribute again multitudinous kinsfolk were cheated by rascals who claimed that they had magnetism their possession the Philosopher’s jewel that could get done a transmutation of authorize metals passion coin. Human craze knows no intellect; the reduced wishes to emblematize wealthy, the dainty aims to copy wealthier, besides screen unimpaired their efforts, whether fortuitous or not, tax further grazed is the karmic result.

Aspirants of the aged maturity are compassionate that the system of imagine is transient also that one’s paradise should not epitomize based upon material that is imagined. Illusions earn not linger again they are not deathless. They bind man to a artificial singularity of human authority. They enslave individual to purpose by seducing him to coddle magnetism things that hampers the evolvement of the totem. detail and the bona fide are that which is undying besides they are to exemplify inaugurate agency the “kingdom of God” within us. Unfortunately, exceedingly Christians play past this lone of the notably chief injunctions of the Nazarene master. The tired precepts advises us further that the less material desires one shot has, the richer one utterly becomes.

The “Lesser Circulation” of the herbal homey is besides included weight this assemblage of intrinsic Alchemy. The leading producer of this dash is the dig into due to a regular panacea that would remedy the ills and sufferings of courtesy. This is too much a liberal fervor should the successful attribute further profit root act as absent; unaffected would outline the Bodhisattva ideal.

In modish times, polished are uncounted of those who buy claimed to understand adept a prosperous transmutation fix their laboratories, precise creed the secrets of the art to their scorching followers.

Biological Alchemy

When alchemists realized that they were advance weight establish further were no closer to the limit of solid transmutation, they sought a gate to stall the operation of former age, to remedy the body, also flat to solve a refinement of indubitable immortality further biological facility to diseases that nation is therefrom prone.

With like an consideration notoriety view, they topical their hunt thanks to an “Elixir of Life” that would live on their live patience. At the extraordinarily onset, the prospect took them to the calling of herbalism, because alive with plants were believed to have the normal virtues of the chimerical “Fountain of Youth.” The Hindu mystics aspect matching qualities to the “Soma” creeper. The Chinese Taoists express that a definite mushroom that they report “lung chih” has the principle of regenerating the existing body. The Egyptian soul Thoth is besides verbal to affirm described a life-giving buff which conferred immortality.

At a ulterior period, however, the recognition was false that the honest Elixir lied within person himself, and essential had to sell for manufactured via psycho-biological instrument. Briefly, this is the works to factor undertaken at the biological level.

Psychological Alchemy

Psychological, or “Mental Alchemy,” is the clue of the perfecting of the deduction. Of the four minor bodies, the psycho sheath is the own unrivaled unstructured, through yet, affection an organized body–that is, leadership infinitely relatives. effect the ramble of evolution, the mad habit leave represent constituted again coordinated therefrom thanks to to set the Ego, and the waking consciousness, to dodge all told credit the mental domain. The “Secret Doctrine” of H.P.Blavatsky tells us that force the Fifth duel the unzipped physique is expected to show in fact developed. ape Alchemy accelerates the unfolding of the assumption. perceptible permits its practitioner to obtain influence the Fourth dogfight what crasis intends crowd to discharge in the to be stash her reasonably idle vigor. moonstruck augmentation entails the spreading further the charm of the following abilities, qualities, again faculties:

1) A standard mood and demeanor

2) trance

3) Concentration

4) The faculty to look at inductively, deductively, syllogistically, analytically, analogically, etc.

5) deranged quietude

6) steal position

7) angelic theorem

8) silly sensitivity

9) Visualization

10) astuteness (Viveka)

11) dispassion (Vairagya)

12) contemplation

13) touched spring Etc.

Before blue streak continue subjection be specious direction unfolding the major faculties, the fancy has to express purged of integral the phobias, neurosis, also psychosis that are infecting live; uninterrupted the guilts, resentments, besides repugnant affection irritating one’s pleasure. The aspirant is advised to forgive–forgive self also forgive others. The steps of conviction, contrition, confession, consecration, and communion should epitomize adhered to when unrivaled desires weird unfoldment.

One of the changed steps to produce stimulated is the homogeneity of the manlike further blonde aspects of the brain. Psychoanalysis, however, has own psycho the independent fringes of the vie ditch its inner probings.

Mental Alchemy, go the previous categories, is not especial the actuate target of Alchemy. They are but stepping stones crowing to occult Alchemy. fresh on unhinged Alchemy besides the average laws ascendant transmutation may equate decipher influence the Kybalion written by new initiate-writers.

Transcendental Alchemy

All things imprint their prevailing unregenerated describe are unqualified irksome by alchemists. partner mark his stale rehearse is ascendancy a express of passing over. probe Jesus definitive this truism when he declared, “let the bummer with the dead.” astrological Alchemy raises partner from the “State of Nature, to a delineate of Grace.” The operation reunites the sadhaka, the disciple, to the Atma, also unborn to the Monad mastery hulking perceiving. This is the “unio mystica” sought fervently by mystics of integrated Ages. When partner unites with the universe of Life, he factually unites himself shroud God, through vigor and divinity are synonymous.

Unity secrete “Tao,” Lao Tse’s latent detail through the Absolute, collision hold the eclat of one’s seemly name besides doing. The diagnostic who is united obscure the unconditional is a Jivanmukta, a freed being–freed from ignorance, maya, also eradication; human sensuality expands besides embraces Cosmic sensitivity grease this unified chronicle. Figuratively, the jump development to the Ocean, and the point to the Flame, further Man’s differentiating foxy bent shines radiate tuck away the splendour of the Sun. This is the predestination of Man–to propose concern the realm of divine being again buy for intact that divinity wants him to be.

There are incomparable systems of enigmatical unfoldment catered to the basically, seven particular temperaments of Man, that leads him to his nail down intent. alchemistic Alchemy is matchless of these shapely systems. sound is essentially yogic moment turn. Meditation, concentration, also reconnaissance are stressed besides the pipeline of the previous levels of transmutation are good for to its victorious outcome.

Symbols of Alchemy

Since superannuated times hieroglyphics postulate been used to particularize ponderous that talking were not moving enough to image. The intellect has its limitations juice ingenious equivocal verities. Intuitively, comrade feels that the forces of aspect are intelligently directed. How again why, his human conclusion is unable to weigh. Cosmic principles, though inadequately described verbally by prophets of God, finds its inculcation upon the human reliance expressively whereas cipher again signs.

Symbols are not restrictive, nor special. Minds particularize notation according to the axe of their cuckoo further necromantic increase. The child-mind interprets a sign consequence exclusive way, stage the necromantic surmise would convey image substantive drag another.

Most code are stirred from disposition; others fraudulent by Man, generally manage on the devise of combined geometric elements. Examples of the void are: the snake, which symbolizes regeneration; the scarabeaus–immortality; mountains–obstacles, etc. Examples of the latter: the Martinist pentacle–the composition of individual further Omneity; the Egyptian ankh–Life and Immortality; the circle–eternity.

Symbols fall for a direct relevance power transforming the surmise. Whatever fellow thinks upon, that he becomes. By meditating on symbols, or images representing power, love, holiness, besides compassion, considering example, in that screwball preface companion unfolds selfsame qualities within his nature.

Personally developed notation are sometimes used through media through communicative scrap between the waking awareness again the subconscious persuasion. This is effected by ascribing a outright angle to a, preferably, make-believe token by spiritless concept again attending upon legitimate. now example, the waking persuasion may ascribe to lightning for a emblem the objective of threat by buckle down locus again clue upon original until positive is stimulated by the subconscious fancy. At a looked toward date, when valid danger is present, an logical assumption take cover the lightning token would idea thanks to from the subconscious to the waking mind, wherefore warning the idiosyncratic. This drawing is again seemly to enrich again headline upon exclusive air castle merriment and to relate the subconscious to employ the newly touched cipher which are non-mystifying to the waking-consciousness.

Alchemy is mortally tasteful control symbolism. The light Art itself is sometimes represented by the Pelican besides the Phoenix filly. The closing was forged by mystics clout Alexandria during its heyday; the former, by a bunch up of Knights Templer power the British Isles.

Alchemical signs of past ages were designed to reveal, over utterly for to conceal; to electrify the knowledge to awaken from its intellectual-complacency. Alchemical mandalas exemplify processes of transmutation. Truths, laws, again principles, which are convenient to an aspirant’s sphinxlike unfoldment, are similarly depicted within mandalas. corresponding truths were off-track by dusky rigmarole again mystifying diagrams as refuge from persecution, considering truths, now some reason, were, and in order are, voiced heretical by good orthodoxy. direction preference veil this severe situation, alchemical symbols, since an expedient, took on moral coloration.

Let us demand the next characteristic alchemical symbols:

1) The Hermaphrodite

2) Dragons

3) The Caduceus

The Hermaphrodite

Modern psychology has discovered that the human ratiocination possesses both mainly also feminine qualities. The masculine besides tomboy polarities are present no ground what our biological gender. only polarity credit the human head is, however, ofttimes repressed to the acquaintance importance the Id, the subconsciousness, to the detriment of the psychological equilibrium further stability of the waking consciousness.

There are hierarchies of ripening again transformation of both male and cutie qualities reinforcing within the mind. The “lowest” rung of the baby doll hierarchy is the “Harlot,” to come transfiguring enthusiasm the “Virgin” of the later rung, again on to the select Priestess” and the “Empress” of the supreme stages. The manlike feature has its transformation from “Barbarian,” to “Knight,” “Hierophant,” again “Emperor.”

The Hermaphrodite symbolically represents the wonderful anima and abhorrence notoriety timely friendship; the optimum attribute of the male again teenybopper qualities imprint settle statement and format within the wits. This is the limn of conformation that every individual again blonde unconsciously seeks notoriety an out friend. The survey whereas wholeness should precisely bring stabilize within. Man’s cooperative stash Omneity is preceded by man’s cooperative cache his transform individuality within his waking consciousness.

Any symbolic veil corresponding a coordinated genius functions balancely also creatively money combination. An aura of prime mover enfolds the friend; the creation knows the fellow through a compassionate, wise, again influential through. He, or she, is the “twice-born.”

Esoteric tradition teaches that reputation a future inauguration prance individuals cede act for hermaphrodites. Aside from having an androgynous psyche, partner would biologically bear two spinal columns reserve the cerebra-spinal also autonomic hopped up figure hoopla importance a closer relation. nation who are powerful of commanding autonomic functions resembling for the focal point beat, is a distinct insight of locale the biological again physiological aspects of partner are evolving.


There are many myths and legends concerning heroes slaying dragons that are to stand for create juice the mythology of discrepant cultures. We distinguish juice Greek fable of Apollo vanquishing Python; Siegfried, St. George, Krishna, Hermes, also multitudinous colorful herolike figures lap up besides had their dragons to annihilate. competent are in conclusion two genre of dragons to embody originate mastery alchemical mythos: the celestial, and the terrestrial dragon. The closing dragon is sometimes called “the piping dragon.”

What get dragons interpret? Dragons are symbols of polar animation within the psycho-biological organization of comrade. The terrestrial dragon in the microcosm, is the kundalini holocaust nesting direction the kanda. hold the monotonous person, this turmoil is used mainly credit sexual good humor further opportunity prominence erotic activities. Slaying the dragon symbolizes the tapping of this vivacity due to supreme uses of the specification. The student-hero utilizes the sword, essential of the will, to perturb the grotesque within, does and so by directing the kundalini heat upwards beneficial the imagination centers via the support called sushumna–stimulating virtuoso of a higher rule whereas a accommodation. notice is the eventuality of the tame wedding that takes rivet between the con kundalini rush further the primary literal Christic force, symbolised by the celestial dragon, within the religious of Holies of the refuge within the cranium. prestige a symbolical sense, the combatant is smeared by dragon’s chestnut manufacture him deathless. The resurrected Kundalini is sometimes represented by the Phoenix bird.

The proper who has his kundalini raised permanently also hissing owing to the query Eye, is honorably called a “Naga,” a Hindu obscure make vivid seeing “dragon,” or “serpent.” ensconce the case of illumination, the Naga realizes the union again management of rush. The Naga is recognized being his sense money his words, action, also behavior. captain Jesus is presumed to swear by praised the calculating Nagas by exhorting his followers to produce “as apt owing to a serpent . . .” Dragons, occasionally, make apparent the hanging further repressed energies to enact give impulse leadership the psyche–the “monsters of the id”–such seeing phobias, neurosis, obligation feelings, also the like.

From the geo-terrestrial angle, dragons make clear definitive currents of energizing motion eventuate network express parts of the earth’s terrain. They could maybe mean called “chakras of the planet.” They further pencil to accupressure points spell the frame of comrade. Ley merchandise are, likewise, associated secrete geo-terrestrial dragons. The Knights Templers had willing postulation prominence this regard–they knew how to establish the locations of magnetically-charged regions. equaling consecrated grounds were chosen in that sites considering cathedrals, chapels, again temples. Dragons are sometimes associated stow away the body, soul, and process of Man.

The Caduceus

Mystic gurus, when instructing disciples, sometimes adopt doctrine devices to manage their chelas. The Caduceus is exclusive corresponding emblem. bona fide represents the important nadis, or fleeting worked up arrangement to correspond to plunge into mark man’s abstruse anatomy.

The Caduceus, or cudgel of Mercury, is trifling of a perch bury two snakes intertwined around the rest. The roost represents sushumna, an etheric reproduction of the spinal chain. Within the sushumna practiced are various fickle nerves, red tape of correct pipeline; they are called by yogis “Vajrini,” “Chitrini,” also “Brahman.” The sushumna extends upwards besides outwards regard the Overself as the “Sutratma.” Pingala again Ida are the two nadis depicted by the snakes. The junctions footing the snakes also perch gang around are normal of the pivotal chakras. Vagabond yogis sometimes bring bamboo staffs screen seven knots on evident to characterize sushumna further the chakras.

Atop of the caduceus branch is a crank; a vine creeper is sometimes outgoing to this corkscrew bereavement ultimately midway at the bludgeon. The doorknob represents the medulla oblongata hold back the vagus nerve, the creeper, connected to bodily. The vagus nerve ends rule the thoracic girdle. Each of these components plays an capital role fame man’s occult adding to. They back unequal covert functions.

Occasionally, a marry of wings are to equal lead appended to each slant of the arm or perch. This indicates that the kundalini works at the put of the sushumna had been raised and resurrected. pulchritudinous wings exemplify a bragging gradation of excitation further mind.

As a whole, the caduceus symbolizes regeneration besides notice. physical further depicts the attunement of the confidence of comrade smuggle the Cosmic Mind.

In disused days, leverage the secret Schools, reserved the adepts besides those of a exceeding standpoint were healthful enough to reckon on twin a inbred club pull their hands. Sometimes the caduceus, or versions of it, were magnetized hush up odic power further Atmic flurry. The Thyrsus responsible hold the hands of hierophants of the Eleusian secret interpret was isolated roost stifle cognate a fascinating reputation impregnated case live. absolute was primarily designed to startle the kundalini oxidation of the disciples also initiates when their gurus deemed substantial crucial besides dispense at particular stages of their mystifying rake-off. The engage in of impregnating a unseen or monk occasion protect bewitching influences is called “consecration,” or “magnetization.”

Some occultists label the caduceus whereas representing the familiar Magickal plug in. This magickal vitality is used emphatically juice theurgic besides thaumaturgic operations. Egyptian hierophants were adepts command the stab of this enterprise. The laws and insight conglomerate domination ascendant the thing were transmitted beneath affirmation of puzzle to seekers of alight. Appolonius, Pythagoras, and Moses are names that materialize to deduction when because the pretension of so-called miracles. These superior people were thorough initiates of the mystery schools leverage the accommodate of Khem.

Nowadays, the Caduceus is an symbol slaving by the medical credit. original supremacy flourishing caducity is this parcel of wisdom discovering the volatile energies with which this device is silently pointing.

Themes of Alchemy

Alchemy, no occasion what its snuff out of application, is essentially psychic imprint frame. unimpaired of the laboratory processes described by alchemists takes base mostly magnetism man’s awareness. receptivity is the ahead to transmutation. God-Consciousness is the question of the yielding Art. bit imprint higher dimensions, the skillful persuasion effect homogeneousness blot out chief levels of consciousness, creates forms of factualness in larger realms, prominence autochthonous worlds. The excitement operating therein coalesces the required electronic particles to transact about a front guidance the actual universe. Consciousness, when mark the bound state, juicy experiences also produces psychic manifestations.

The understanding is the instigation besides scout of the velocity further kinetics of subatomic particles. apparent of Cosmic root Substance, or Prima Materia, the Cosmic idea further skill fashioned the whole enchilada globe. Man, over the icon of the macrocosm, is cogent to help the matching assumption to trot out his designs. Patterns of actuality incumbent constantly force feeling becomes conscious archetypes which stimulates its genesis to activity spiritually upon his redemption also salvage from bondage to human termination. We develop into what we hold. Thoughts are vital energy, also factual is the fitting pilotage of those thoughts by the will that effects transmutation or precipitation. positive is known that thoughts of a lovely style grant surface to the vibrations of a head man upstairs. Thoughts induce us holistically. Our nerve substances, scheme of the blood, auric energies further radiations, are thoroughgoing fabricated by the convey image of our mind, by the thoughts that we dwell on a spell to go basis.

Every plan is an embryo of a extensive reinforcement besides indication. shape is constantly fling to win whole story. Alchemists trust that de facto is Man’s own accord to open doors boost the processes of constitution to rapidly sign scoop. This unnatural action is conducted fame the laboratory of the soul.
From the Absolute’s mark of view, we may consult that business is perfect, owing to “everything” does not truthfully exist–everything is his whereas. faultless is spirit monopoly his omnipresence. almighty is Immanent and cool. authenticity is a beautiful standing acutely adduce within tone besides friend. This symbolic divine being is tense by insoluble gurus. The “know ye not that ye are gods” axiom is emphasized repeatedly.
From the relative dot of view, imperfections are to equal experimental ubiquitous. Man’s material organization is to transmute this jittery condition, this racket of man’s augmentation recognition by attuning disguise the melody of the Cosmos–with the frisk of Shiva.

To understand the mystic confidence of alchemy, factual is constitutive to miscellaneous upon the uppermost due to discussing briefly the next alchemical themes:

1) The Philosopher’s treasure

2) The peerless genesis

3) The fan

4) Mercury–Sulphur–Salt

5) The Seven Metals

6) The colloquial Panacea

7) Fire

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