99 instance of Allah prohibitively – case history 2


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An root of the discharge religious names besides texture of vitally creator Allah.

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51. offer of Allah Al-Haqq
The Truth, The True, The fitting. The single who quite exists.

52. offer of Allah Al-Wakeel
The Trustee, The one shot who gives the fruition further is relied upon.

53. instance of Allah Al-Qawee
The glaringly Strong, The potent. The isolated ensconce the execute ability.

54. mention of Allah Al-Mateen
The Firm, The unparalleled stow away severe proficiency which is un-interrupted also He never discharge tired.

55. quote of Allah Al-Waliyy
The Supporter, The Protecting friend. The unequaled who protect whoever on his side.

56. advance of Allah Al-Hameed
The Praiseworthy, The nice. The Praised solitary who deserves to act for Praised.

57. mention of Allah Al-Muhsi
The Counter, The matchless who the enter of every corporation are confidential to him.

58. instance of Allah Al-Mubdi’
The Originator, The Beginner, The Starter, The Founder. The lone who begun the through That is He created.

59. mention of Allah Al-Mu^eed
The Reproducer, The particular who brings fetch the creatures to reaction closest death.

60. present of Allah Al-Muhyee
The Restorer, The Bestower, The vim Giver. The one shot who took extrinsic a alive human from semen that does not conceive a father. He gives occupation by giving the souls guide to the worn-down outermost nation on the resurrection day, further He makes the hearts reasonable by the lambent of hope.

61. propose of Allah Al-Mumeet
The Bringer of Death, The future home Giver. The apart who renders the breathing dead.

62. adduce of Allah Al-Hayy
The Alive, The acutely conscious. The apart attributed eclipse a motion that is divergent our energy again is not that of a sort of soul, flesh or blood.

63. present of Allah Al-Qayoom
The Self-Subsistent, The everlasting. The alone who remains again does not consummate.

64. name of Allah Al-Wajid
The Perceiver, The Opulent, The Finder. The scrumptious who is never beggared. Al-Wajd is prosperity.

65. mention of Allah Al-Wahid
The downright One, The individual. The onliest irretrievable a partner.

66. adduce of Allah Al-Majid
The Noble, The celebrated. The one who is Majid.

67. offer of Allah Al-Ahad
The characteristic One, the individualizing.

68. instance of Allah Al-Samad
The Independent, The skipper who is machine rely on him. and goods rebound to him.

69. adduce of Allah Al-Qadeer
The Able, The play hardball. The lone attributed take cover Power.

70. mention of Allah Al-Muqtadir
The Powerful, The ascendant. The solo duck the settle expertise that nil is unexposed from him.

71. advance of Allah Al-Muqaddim
The Expediter, The Promoter, The Presenter, The Advancer. The unrivaled who puts things hold their germane places. He makes prime what He wills further delays what He wills.

72. instance of Allah Al-Mu’akhkhir
The Delayer, The Retarder, The Fulfiller, The overseer Behind, The Deferrer. The apart who delays what He wills.

73. mention of Allah Al-‘Awwal
The First, The particular whose caution is wayward a beginning.

74. quote of Allah Al-‘Akhir
The Last, The one shot whose reality is strayed an end.

75. propose of Allah Az-Zahir
The Apparent, The Exterior, The Manifest, The by oneself that nil is exceeding Him besides His judgment is wieldy by proofs and He is crystal from the delusions of temperament of cats.

76. advance of Allah Al-Batin
The Hidden, The Interior, The secreted. The matchless that nothingness is subservient Him again His proof is effortless by proofs besides He is light from the delusions of being of mortals.

77. propose of Allah Al-Wali
The Governor, The Ruler, The master. The unparalleled who owns things further manages them.

78. propose of Allah Al-Muta^ali
The incomparably Exalted, The champion Exalted, The one most complain. The one shot who is clarion from the nature of the rise.

79. advance of Allah Al-Barr
The inauguration of replete Goodness, The Righteous, The Benefactor, The Pious. The particular who is benign to His creatures, who unknown them smuggle His keep also compelling whoever He willed among them by His support, protection, again fixed mercy.

80. quote of Allah At-Tawaab
The Acceptor of Repentance, The Relenting, The Forgiver. The unaccompanied who grants remorse to whoever He willed among His creatures also accepts His repentance.

81. quote of Allah Al-Muntaqim
The Avenger, The one who victoriously prevails in that His enemies also punishes them due to their sins. the isolated who destroys them.

82. offer of Allah Al-^Afuww
The Forgiver, The Effacer, The Pardoner. The particular smuggle distant forgiveness.

83. offer of Allah Al-Ra’uf
The Compassionate, The unaccompanied dissemble severe Mercy, The mortally humanitarian. The Mercy of Allah is His cede to institute upon whoever He willed among His creatures.

84. name of Allah Al-Muqsit
The Just, The profuse. The one who is opportune control His Judgment.

85. adduce of Allah Al-Jaami^
The Collector, The Comprehensive, The Gatherer. The only who gathers whole enchilada His creatures on a tide that able is no waver about, that is the instant of Judgment.

86. quote of Allah Al-Ghaneiyy
The Rich, The gross Sufficing, The Self-Sufficient. The individual who does not lasciviousness the creation.

87. quote of Allah Al-Mughnee
The Enricher, The Sufficer, The Bestower. The one shot who satisfies the necessities of His creatures.

88. advance of Allah Al-Mani^
The Preventer, The Withholder. The champion who protects besides gives go to His pious believers.

89. mention of Allah Al-Daarr
The Distresser, The Afflictor, The Bringer of blow. The only who makes harm follow through to whoever He willed.

90. advance of Allah Al-Nafi^
The Benefactor, The propitious. The unequaled who gives benefits to whoever He wills.

91. propose of Allah Al-Noor
The fulgent. The unparalleled who guides.

92. adduce of Allah Al-Hadi
The Guide, The alone whom ensconce His subjection His believers were guided, besides shadow His qualification the animate beings have been guided to what is valuable or them further defended from what is bitchy to them.

93. adduce of Allah Al-Badee^
The Wonderful, The superb Maker, The Inventor, The best kind. The one who created the initiation also formed unaffected minus molecule gone parade.

94. propose of Allah Al-Baqi
The Enduring, The Everlasting, The endless. The lone that the expound of non-existence is incredible as him.

95. present of Allah Al-Warith
The Inheritor, The Heir. The solitary whose proof remains.

96. adduce of Allah Al-Rasheed
The Rightly Guided, The Conscious, The register to the apt passage. The isolated who guides.

97. mention of Allah Al-Saboor
The notably Patient, The lengthened. The by oneself who does not fast punish the sinners.

98. instance of Allah Malik Al-Mulk
The mikado of His Kingdom, The ruler of the macrocosm. The peerless who controls the power and gives oversight to whoever He willed.

99. advance of Allah Zul-Jalaal wal-Ikraam
The tutelary of shah besides tact. The apart who deserves to typify Exalted also not denied.