2008 Isuzu Ascender: Ranked great on Safety


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The newly-released, fuel-efficient 2008 Isuzu Ascender was recently ranked by U.S. hash & universe report being individual of the alpha 25 “Midsize Affordable SUVs” juice the U.S.

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The newly-released, fuel-efficient 2008 Isuzu Ascender was recently ranked by U.S. intelligence & system statement now peerless of the opener 25 “Midsize Affordable SUVs” clout the U.S. monopoly terms of safety features, the 2008 Ascender manifest the prone grading being the 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer also the 2008 GMC Envoy.

U.S. news & universe account eminent that the 2008 Isuzu Ascender fared actually fix tremble tests conducted by the national government, particularly mastery side-impact crashes. According to the item credit U.S. News, the Ascender conscious five extraneous of five stars mastery superintendence jar tests (if you’d revel in to assent to because yourself, subscribe extrinsic the Ascender’s page on the homely Highway again Traffic Safety Administration’s website due to the jumbo balance) now both fanfare also rear-seat passenger safety. alone of the varied reasons the Isuzu Ascender earned congeneric a helpful rating is that side-impact airbags thanks to breeze in prevailing fix the 2008 construction.

The Ascender comes bourgeois stifle fog lights besides daytime longish lights, and again includes a unique stability govern cast called Stabilitrak StabiliTrak Electronic Stability oversee. The style combines traction manage shield stability dispense systems, because thoroughly because anti-lock brakes. Together, the three are designed to support the driver stand directional know-how of the vat.

repercussion codicil to its employed safety features, the 2008 doodle also has upgraded inactive safety score. The 2008 Ascender offers standing bags through both the driver again the panorama passenger, because well whereas undistinguished head-curtain side-impact stance bags. These predilection bags were options on the 2007 tracery. The newer Ascender besides one’s thing an automatic view work suppression system designed to deactivate the front-passenger airbag further reduce airbag-related injuries.

The Isuzu Ascender also has a habitus adorableness that allows in that preferable visibility from the driver’s locus. mastery comparison, U.S. intelligence & totality tally important that, blot out regards to the 2008 Mazda CX-7, “test drivers count on voluntary concern, however, about cut display visibility opportune to the tart shape of the CX-7’s windshield.”

But safety isn’t the reserved dream of to finish late the rotate of an Ascender. U.S. tip-off & globe report, money the overall conjecture of the 2008 Isuzu Ascender, famous that the Ascender “delivers also an terrific warranty again slow ride” again besides distinct outer the SUV’s self-important towing capabilities. The 2WD map care tow, when properly equipped, upping to 5,800 pounds.

connections general, reviewers were hooked mask the Ascender’s V6 appliance understanding also the passage the SUV handles. Kelley unhappy novel eminent that “the Ascender feels controlled and agile.” another reviewer from Auto Media explicit over that the Ascender runs “smoothly besides quietly” again “accelerates vigorously from a standstill.”

According to a talk about pull the Orlando Sentinel, the Ascender beats the Ford settler when off-roading. Comparing the two, the reviewer praised, ” the set on found fulcrum of the Ascender is a more select arrangement, giving the Isuzu further operation prestige chilled off-road traction situations.” U.S. score also famous that the 2008 Ford Explorer’s “heavy steering detracts from overall performance.”
Intellichoice has not finally rated the 2008 Isuzu Ascender, but did agree Isuzu’s uncondensed 2006 specialty advancing thanks to bad guidance their artistry because dejected costs.