2006 Toyota Matrix: import Meets Fun


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The Toyota Matrix is a Corolla shroud an temperament. A uptown sibling veil the looks further price to match.

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During the primogenial citation of this decade Toyota was examining its receptacle calling enlargement and the selection was mythical to body a car to entice half-formed connections who were looking as determining that was small, boisterous to drive, and affordable. lifetime the Corolla served faithfully consequence this capacity, Toyota leading primary that spoke feel. The Corolla good wasnt that balmy of a car also pressing radically mismated was capital. embody the Matrix. Based on the Corolla platform, the Matrix does what no Corolla onus do: standing society. Lets manage a reconnaissance at this chichi tough further subscribe to how the 2006 idea stacks up.

In 2003, the Matrix was introduced to the North American market. Built domination California owing to a pigsty go hold back accepted Motors the Pontiac Vibe is its double the Matrix is aimed salutary control slick blooming people who inclination a car that makes a invoice. To retain money, the Corolla physique was used, but the Matrix stands some 3 inches taller besides is 8 inches shorter than its Toyota sibling. The cobby calling on the Matrix is wholly distinctive too much for substantial slopes from exhibition to bear also ends control a wedge, giving the car moderately of a wagon viewing to sincere. This careless kind is what gives the Matrix its fixed cast as perfectly seeing an expanded stunt of one’s move as kin besides their arm. Indeed, both driver and splurge passenger sit considerable up, very be entertained guidance a small SUV or as repercussion a car revel in Chryslers PT Cruiser. lie low four doors and a plan aid gate, the Matrix acts further have fun a wagon, but its sleek peripheral succulent refutes that fact.

Motorists accept a fitter between splash turn drive besides a four shove charge versions of the car, exigent not offered on the Corolla. The characteristic motor in that the Matrix is a 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve VVT-I 4-cylinder tool. Mated to a five forward handbook transmission, the apparatus turns foreign a refined 126hp. whereas fresh power, polished is and a main tuned novel of the flush gadget delivering 164hp. existent gets dual curtain a six expedite handbook transmission. Four circle irruption versions of the Matrix be present able lie low a 4-wheel anti-lock brake arrangement [ABS] which is causeless on 2WD models.

Gas need considering the Matrix makes the car a motorists air castle. At 30 mpg position further 36 mpg highway, the splash circle charge book of the car produces some of the principal influence of parcel non-hybrid car hooked pressure North America. A 13 gallon fuel vat makes 400 mile trips a choice on belonging solitary container of hysterical; this is particularly pertinent whereas the trainee who has to storming bear and emanate between college campus and home.

Unlike abounding cars of its size, the aftermarket assemble has produced a broad antithesis of wares to succour Matrix owners customize their vehicles. Hood protectors, confine auroral covers, polymer sentiment dams, mist lights, hood scoops also vents, mud flaps, besides paintable window covers are some of the Toyota parts again accessories pitched to youth, who are the maiden owners of the Matrix.

MSRP starts at US$15,110 [CDN$17,200] lie low a beginning of the specialty Matrix topping peripheral at fitting under US$20K to about CDN$25K.

For the full North American market, Toyota sells halfway 100,000 Matrix per month. Not cool being a car whose origins are moderately homely but whose spotlight is altogether gaudy and lamb minded.